Sailing for like-minded people.

Take a break and get some digital detox for a week or more!

Join Our Sailing Adventure


Nomad Sailing Retreat is a unique adventure for Digital Nomads, Entrepreneurs, and location
independent people
where all of the attendants will become boat crew for one week and will get a real hands-on experience of sailing,
while discovering Greece, it's natural bays and outstanding outdoors.


What is involved in sailing?


Memories of a lifetime

Snorkel, swim around amazing bays.


Explore the nature

Restaurant visits, hiking and sightseeing.


Island exploration

Unforgettable experiences & unique sailing.


Sailing adventure

Learn about sailing, navigate the boat.



Read a book or kick back and relax.


Snorkelling & Swimming

Explore the underwater world.


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  • I spent a fantastic sailing week aboard with Captain Uwe, discovering Croatian shores, peninsulas and islands. As a total newbie I was a bit nervous -  How will it be, 7 days cramped into that little boat, far from civilisation? In fact, the trip ended up ranking highly in the list of "best vacations of my life". Both the wind and Uwe kept us busy, I enjoyed the physical challenges and also Uwe´s passion to get teach sailing basics to our virgin crew. I fully recommend it, but only if you are up for great laughs.

    Patrick E.

  • Sailing with Uwe was a wonderful experience for me. I was lucky to get on my first ever boat trip under his professional and patient captaincy. Uwe taught us everything about sailing and team spirit, which made this week an outstanding vacation not similar to anything else. If you ever thought of sailing, sail with Uwe!

    Maria N.

  • Sailing with Uwe is a one of a kind experience. Not only is he a fantastic skipper where safety and navigation is never in question, but he’s also a great person to shadow, ask questions and learn from if you’re interested in sailing. The atmosphere on the boat is great, with like-minded people pitching in to sail, relax and explore together. If you want a relaxed beach holiday where you sunbathe 24/7 and have your every need tended to by others, this isn’t for you. If you want a rewarding adventure on the water where you get out what you put in, learn from others, and also learn about yourself—you could do no better.

    Nadir C.

  • I had seven magical days with Captain Uwe and four other great guys & girls sailing along the beautiful coast of Croatia. Discovering remote islands and villages, anchoring in beautiful bays with crystal clear water, great food and drinks and guitar songs at nights. It was the best vacation for body & soul. Highly recommended!

    Assaf K.

  • A few essential characteristics go into making a good skipper: calmness, experience and a willingness to share knowledge. As a captain, Uwe has all of these, which made sailing with him a smooth, enjoyable and super fun learning experience. There are plenty of opportunities to learn the ropes (literally) or kick back and relax, and Uwe was never bothered by our never-ending questions about the boat and how things work. Sailing can be unpredictable, but Uwe’s enthusiasm and positivity means that whatever the situation you have complete confidence that everything is going to turn out for the best. His delight in being out on the water is contagious and inspiring, creating a great positive atmosphere on the boat. Don’t be surprised if you leave planning your next sailing trip with him or making plans to get your own licence!

    Kim H.