Frequently Asked Questions


What is included in the price?

The price is a package price and includes boat fees, one berth per person, food, drinks (water, none- and alcoholic beverages), mooring cost and diesel. Basically, you can compare with a stay at camper van with full board (none catered), only this is a floating camper. The budget for food, drinks (water, none- and alcoholic beverages), mooring and diesel costs is capped with 150€ per person per week, which has been proven to work fine.

What if I will have motion sickness?

Uwe is an experienced captain, he or his team members will make sure you will feel fine. To prevent motion sickness we will make sure our diet is appropriate and prevent motion sickness. If the conditions are too harsh we will seek calmer waters. There are many ways to prevent motion sickness, the most important thing is to step up and tell right when you start feeling ill. For an instant cure, we will have medicine on board. Usually, when the conditions are calm we will get used to the motion of the boat easily and we will be fine throughout the stay.

Is this a fully catered sailing trip?

Our sailing trip will be a self-catering, hands-on sailing adventure. We cook, sail and enjoy the boat-life together.

Can I learn more about sailing?

The idea is to build a sailing team over the course of your stay. All the sailing manoeuvres will be shared team effort. Landing in the marina requires some rope work to tie the boat to the shore. We need to learn some knots to tie the fenders to the rail. You will have the chance to steer the vessel and to learn more about navigation at sea. Daily tasks will be shared effort, we will keep all of us happy.

Will we spend our time only aboard?

Occasionally we will go ashore and visit places on islands, like restaurants or only for sightseeing or cafe visits - those visits are not included in the package and restaurant or cafe visits will be paid individually.

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